Anna's Drawing - An English Cottage

My husband’s grandmother, Anna, drew the picture used by Thatched Roof Cottage, titled “An English Cottage,” in 1935. Anna (who came to be called "Granny Annie" later in life) was an extraordinary artist and talented seamstress from Honesdale, Pennsylvania. She was orphaned at a very young age and adopted by a local family. When she was still only a child, her family noticed her very impressive and natural artistic talent. She drew and painted untold numbers of works of art throughout her life.

Anna’s many paintings and drawings now hang on the walls of her grandchildren’s homes and are still very much admired to this day. “An English Cottage” was given to me several years ago by my mother-in-law because she knew of my fondness for thatched cottages. It hangs in my kitchen where I am so fortunate to be able to view it every day.  

I absolutely love thatched roof cottages. They exude charm, beauty, and peacefulness that bring such delight and happiness to countless people.